Bob Wells Nursery

I’m looking to buy a Muscadine from Bob Wells Nursery and the web site show no photos of the grapes? Do they sell good quality Muscadines?

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I used isons in my last muscadines purchase and they were good.


I have some coming from Isons but they are out of 1 type i’m looking for.

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I haven’t bought from Bob Wells, but Bottoms Nursery is another that sells lots of muscadines. Muscadine Grapes (

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I’ve been out to Bob Wells. Nice place. Prices aren’t anything great. I’d go Ison’s for muscadines. A lot more varieties and all of my vines from there were great. Ison’s tends to run sales on and off, so probably quite a bit cheaper as well.

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Bob Wells have 1 type plant I can’t find anywhere else. They sound legit so I will probably but the 1 muscadine they have. Thanks.

Their new place or the old one? They have new owners and moved their business location sometimes in late 2018.

It’s been a bit. I didn’t know there was a new place. The one I’ve been to was in Lindale.

We are now operating out of our new location at 975 CR 2220 in Mineola, Texas. Come visit Bob Wells Nursery at Sorelle Farms.


I went to the new location for the first time recently. It was much nicer than the old location in Lindale. The folks there were helpful, but didn’t hover all over me. All of the plants looked healthy. I saw no reason to believe that Bob Wells Nursery won’t continue to be a good source for fruiting plants.


Thank, I’ll be ordering sometime this week.

Did you happen to get a peek at the jujubes? Curious how big they are. I’m needing one more for a potted experiment. Trying to decide if I want to do 120 miles round trip for one since they’re priced so high.

What jujubes are you looking for? I’m selling a few large ones (Li, Lang, Contorted). In Plano

I have Honey Jar and Sugarcane. Shanxi Li is the target, but I’m curious. Did you graft them yourself? If so, where did you source your wood for Contorted? I might be interested in that one. How big are we talking and price? Appreciate it.

Sent you a pm

I bought a HoneyJar from B Wells last week. It’s a Dave Wilson. Roots seemed small for a Dave Wilson but were ok. Doan’s in Irving says they’ll have their jujubees in 1-2 weeks.


I ended up calling Ison’s to make my order and they said they had the Muscadine I was looking for but It wasn’t updated on the web site, so I didn’t order any plants from Bod Wells. From what I found out I would buy from them in the future, I found no reason not to. I’m just worried when I see a site with copied pictures and not actual grown fruit.

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Are the jujube they sell in the spring bare root? I’m guessing they could be, as they’ve probably just received them from DWN.

The ones I got from them in late July were potted. Here’s the post (inc. pics) about my order. One of the trees was a bit smaller than I expected (3/8"), but it looks healthy. Prices are a bit high, but I knew that going in, as there weren’t many options in July…I’d have no problem ordering from them again if they had what I needed and it wasn’t available at one of my favorite jujube suppliers (Chinese Red Date, Grow Organic, Cliff England, and Trees of Antiquity).

Ended up making a trip out to Bob Wells. Jujubes weren’t spectacular. Smaller caliper, but tall. The exception was the Contorted. Good size/caliper Ended up grabbing one that was a little over 5 feet tall with some great branching. It looked amazing! It’s going in my front yard. The Korean Giant/Olympic pears were a nice caliper/size as well. Grabbed one of those.

The new location is much better than Lindale. I’ve never seen so many types of trees. It was great. Both trees were freshly potted. The rootball was nonexistent when I planted them. Soil just fell off. Just an FYI if you’re expecting a pot full of roots at this time. These suckers just came off the truck.


That is helpful. I just ordered three jujubes from them over the weekend, Honey Jar, Shanxi Li, and GA 866.

Most of these jujubes (Honey Jar in particular) are out of stock basically everywhere so I am happy to have found them.