BobV's Bok jo, and contorted juju

Just one fruit of your Bok jo, but not complaining since it somehow managed to cook one from that single-noded piece of budwood was afraid would fail as a graft. It is a superb cultivar, from what could tell of that one fruit. Couldn’t find our refractometer, but pretty sure it was >30.

below is your contorted scion that seems to be the same as what we have, but some of the chico-shaped fruits are giving me second thoughts


Glad to hear that! I had several grafts take, but none grew that much and no fruit yet. There is a big difference between growth here and for you.

The wood is from Cliff England, for anyone else interested.

Any difference in the taste? Most of my Contorted are pretty round. Here is one of the last ones of the season, next to the elongated Shanxi Li, which fell off in the wind the other day.


well, big thanks to you!

yep, they are hands down the most stacked, and the most stocked, of all juju nurseries in USA

they tend to be roundish in cooler weather, yours and mine, although yours seemed to have more round ones Will find out next year.

btw, that’s a big contorted you got in your hands, literally casting shade on your shanxi li !

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Glad to- I got faster info about it by giving it to you, than by having one more graft myself :slight_smile:

Actually, it a small Shanxi Li, which is maybe 3/4 the size of my thumb. Maybe more evidence that size/shape is very impacted by growing conditions…

I ordered trees from them for the first time this winter. He has some interesting varieties, even though the really new varieties aren’t available yet.

I ordered trees of:
Xu Zhou
Redlands #4
Jin Chang

I’ll probably order some new scions as well. Any info on the following?
Zhou Chui Wang
Ma Ya Zao Moonlight
Wu He Zao
Qi Yue Xian
Allen Town
La Fleur

Or on any of the Russian varieties which Roger Meyers used to have?


you’re not the only one have inadvertently volunteered ‘surrogate services’ to, and will gladly open a foster-care or ‘fertility’ clinic for anyone with rare juju cultivars but have yet to get them to fruit. Jujus are clearly more precocious in our growing conditions.

yes, for sure!

xu zhou will bear fruit on first year of planting bare-root(as an ~8" tall specimen), and also precocious grafted on li interstems, fruiting on the first year. Fruits are good, but probably may get better over the years.
sihong is productive, but not as extremely productive as other varieties, and proved precocious on first year of grafting on norris #1 and contorted interstems.
redlands will also bear fruit on first year, when grafted on li
Jin chang is productive on first year of grafting on li and Jin(a namesake but different variety) interstem
you may check pictures of above on our webpage.
my collaborator isn’t done posting all pix btw, but the photo uploads will increase with time until we use up all 3 gigabytes of allotted data. Too many photos to post, and too tedious to sort and isolate.

Of the above, we only have lafleur, russian #1, ma ya zao, and qiyue xian(which is currently having an identity crisis–but fruits of what we have are excellent, which makes us think it might be the real deal).

la fleur is pretty good but tiny, and ma ya zao is super sweet and appears to be a mid-sized juju. We featured this with photos on our other webpage


I took a look at the above link and the “Large-fruited seedling” looks remarkable! Massive productivity! Was the fruit any good?

The woody-fruit spurs really seems like an unusual characteristic for a jujube- are there any others you have seen? It makes me wonder what the parent cultivar is.

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it is a common occurrence with grafting laterals to upright growth. If you’ve seen the movie Toy Story, it is like that doll with body parts re-arranged, where an arm is placed on the head. :grin: The laterals get quite a boost this way, and produce woody and semi-deciduous fruiting stems instead of disposable herbaceous ones.

i received that from Cliff, but have yet to ask for parentage. In taste, fruits are similar to the smaller Jin(not the Jin chang), but sweeter than Jin and not as sour.


That is amazing!!!