Body is too similar to what you recently posted


So Im trying to send some detailed instructions via PM to people Im sending plants to. They were sent to the first person fine, but when I copy/paste the same instructions into a totally different chat with someone else, I get this error. I need to send these instructions to several users… Suggestions? How different must a post be before it is allowed by the site?


Yeah, every once in a while I’ll get an error message that I’d like to override but cannot. It’s no big deal, but sometimes AI is just a little too helpful.


Not an answer to your question. But wouldn’t using the quote-function do as a work around?


I usually over-ride it by putting in the person’s name and a familial greeting. It irked me when I saw this message at first too.

I think you meant “coders who thought this would be a great idea” in place of AI.


I suppose I did. I have to admit to being so ignorant in the subject that I don’t even have a smart phone - my grandkids call my flip phone “grampa’s dumb phone”!


I just played around using the quote function. That does work. You just highlight the text you want to use and choose “Quote”. After that you hit the “Reply” Button in the message window and choose “create a new PM (or smth similar)”. Than you can change the user you want to sent the pm to. Its a bit of a hassle, maybe just changing the text would be easier.

I mean the reply button above the message window (its actually an arrow), not the reply button under the message window (that one would send the message).


Hey, I think anyone who uses a basic phone is super smart in my book. Who wants to develop the crooked neck syndrome, receive dopamine hits to beeps and bops and inability to be without it at your side every day addiction? Not me, I don’t own one either!

Please forgive me though, I have a condition where if I hear anyone say AI, it makes me yell out, “It’s not AI!”


No problem!- I have the same thing about misplaced apostrophe’s, misplaced, modifier’s, misplaced, comma’s, excessive! use of exclamation points, and typing too much in bold!

We actually, really, truly have and use two dial phones in our house. They have come to be a lesson in patience.


I didnt realize you just need to change the beginning, it worked for me now, thanks for the tip.


Uh-oh, I’m in trouble, I have horrible sentence structure. :wink:

Glad you got it working @TheDerek.