Bog gardening

Thanks. Reading that it sounds like only my S. Flava are viable seeds, since the book refers to slightly larger than a pin head which is much bigger than my second set of “seed”. I was hoping that because it was a different species maybe they just had different seed. Strange that it didn’t just drop off when it wasn’t pollinated.

Now we will have to see if the S. Flava comes out true or it winds up being a cross with the leucophylla. Sounds like figuring that out is at least a year away. Given how slow they grow I guess the prices are reasonable.

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Some places offer cheaper mixed rhizomes for sale this time of year. You will get what you get, but usually they are mature size for a good price. If you want any I can check who still has any.

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I’d love to know sources…

Seems this year fruit flies have been a particular problem and a couple pitchers/sundews might be needed…


These two nurseries I have bought from and been happy with.

Also: BCP PRE-SALE - UP TO 50% OFF through December 17!!

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Thanks, that California Carnivores deal is hard to pass up. I didn’t really need any more, but…