Bonanza Miniature Peach Tree Flower Color

Hi everyone! I am new to this forum. My name is Mia. I have been looking at the information about miniature peach trees on this forum but never post anything before. Does anyone grow a Bonanza miniature peach tree? I ordered one from Willis Orchard website this spring. I grow it mainly for the fruits, not for the flowers (they are pretty though). It grows so healthy since I planted it in the early spring. However, the flowers were bright reddish pink, not the regular pink color that I expected. The only one fruit is small now, about 1 inch (it has a tip and some small black dots), which is not getting bigger over time. I have not picked it yet but it looks not edible. For the comparison, my first-year Honey Babe and Nectar Zee miniature peach trees have grown several normal-sized fruits.

I was wondering if I got a true Bonanza, not some other variety for flowers that do not have edible fruits.

Another mystery that I just cannot figure out is that I found some Youtube videos and websites that show Bonanza peach trees have regular pink color flowers, while some others show it has reddish flowers like mine. So are there two different varieties on market are both called “Bonanza”? I heard about “Bonanza II”, but not sure what is that and how different it is from the original Bonanza.

I email the customer service of WO, they said they sell the true Bonanza from Dave Wilson Nursery.

Here are some information I found (I cannot include links in my post):

Pink, single flower: Youtube video “Growing a Bonanza miniature peach tree in the garden in the U.K. Year 1” by Harbinder Marok

Pink, single flower: Youtube video “Growing A Bonanza Patio Peach Fruit Tree!! | Cold Hardy Fruit Tree” by Plant Fanatics

Pink, double flower: Youtube video " Genetic Dwarf Fruit Trees in Bloom" by Dave Wilson Nursery

Pink, double flower: L.E. Cooke Co.

Red, double flower: Fast-growing-trees

Red, double flower: Armstrong Garden

I also emailed the customer service of Bay Laurel Nusery, where I got Honey Babe and several other peach trees this spring, and they said they have regular pink-color double flowers on their Bonanza peach trees. I couldn’t get a picture from them though.

I am so confused. And any help is appreciated.

I attached two pictures of my Bonanza peach tree, in spring and now.

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@mias_joy_garden, Welcome to forums.

I don’t grow this but I often see “Patio Bonanza” for sale being marketed as a dwarf or container tree. I wonder if that is same as the one you showed. The flowers on it are lovely.

BTW the flower pictures in this website looks same as yours.

If I recall the Bonanza peach color. It was double pink . Not as hot/derp pink as yours on the picture. But growing conditions might change the color a bit too

Thanks @sockworth. My tree is a miniature one. It might be the “high-head” ones from DWN, which have an 18-inch trunk, compared to the regular miniature ones without that long trunk. The buds are close to each other indicating that it is a dwarf one. And thank you for sharing that link.

I did see references to Bonanza and Bonanza II. Unfortunately it only said Bonanza II had improved fruit, no mention of flower color. Hopefully someone else on forum might have better answer for you.

I used to sell the DWN Bonanzas. That color is darker than I recall. The pH of my water for those pots was around 7. A lower pH e.g. 6 could increase the red coloration.

Thank you. How did you like the taste of the fruits? I heard about Bonanza peaches are not very tasty.

Here in coastal-influenced San Diego 10a they developed a nice sugar-acid balance with good flavor. Condo owners with southern facing patios recommended them.

Thanks. I may buy another one next year. I don’t think my soil PH is the problem. I planted two trees on the ground next to each other. The other one is Nectar Zee and it had light pink color flowers. And the clay and tap water here has a higher PH. What resource do you recommend to get a reliable DWN tree? Especially a Bonanza.

Thank you. I will check with the nearest nursery listed the next year. @Richard

I bought mine at a local nursery here in town. Bonanza flowers are different from the rest of my peaches. Very pretty. Fruit are smaller than standard peaches, and mine are white fleshed which is odd considering every nursery lists it as a yellow fleshed peach. Flavor is good, not the best peach but still very tasty, crunchy not mushy on the inside when ripe. Very strong tree.


Yours looks slightly different than mine. Your flowers are more on the red side than the pink side. I picked my unripe fruit last September. It looked like white flesh too. It tasted good although it was unripe. Not sure why it didn’t ripe on time. I doubted if I was getting a Flory peach instead of Bonanza
This year I ordered another Bonanza peach tree from Bay Laurel Nursery. This nursery is pretty reliable so far in my experience. The flowers are light pink as expected. I will see if the fruits are yellow and if they are tasty.

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I had a Bonanza peach tree many years ago. The flowers looked exactly as they do in your picture Mia. My tree got fairly big (not tall, just robust); it reminded me of one of the Fry Guy’s if that means anything to you. My zone was 5b, so quite a bit of difference there and the peaches weren’t worth a darn. After a few tries I just let the animals have them. It’s possible that a different environment may make all the difference in the fruit quality. It may have just needed more time.

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