Bonkers apple (NY 35) impressions

I’ve seen very little about this apple, besides the description from Cummin’s Nursery. If you grow and/or have tasted this apple, I would love to hear your impressions of the tree and it’s fruit. How does it compare with other disease resistant apples? How long does it typically keep?

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Since no one else has responded yet, I’ll share the little I’ve found on this apple.

I believe it was “named” by Michael Phillips, who counts it among his favorite apples:

The Cummin’s Nursery description:

Another write up of this apple:

I’m still curious how it compares with other disease resistant apples and how long it keeps. If you have personal experience with this apple, do tell!

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I was pleasantly surprised to read an Adam’s Apples review of this apple today! He seems to like it, but didn’t give it a star rating. Maybe he’ll eat another before giving it a final rating?

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