This time of the year looking for something to do.Refresh my skills, probably ruin my Page mandarin tree. Not advisable! Wanting a bushy and better variety.

Add nails to tightened for air pockets.


I am glad I am not one of your trees


If you notice, the new tree is transfer to a much smaller container. Need more room in the Greenroom come winter. Hopefully a better mix of media and lighter.

bigger greenhouse

No way, no way, no way. I am about to quit horticulture! You young ones go for it. It’s been a trip.

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You have plenty of time left for horticulture. Henry Allingham dies at 113; world's oldest man and outspoken WWI veteran

One out of a billion or more? Poncirus, I got 5 brothers and 1 sister, none are alive, last one died a couple of weeks ago. What are my odds?

If you average out the median ages then for all your brother and sisters to have passed then you have to live a lot lot longer.

If it doesn’t work is because you did not have enough tools laying around :wink:

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