Bought My First Fig

Yesterday I stopped in one of the Meadows Farms garden centers in the northern Virginia area. They had all fruit plants 50 percent off. Regularly priced at $69 for a 3.8 gallon pot so a good deal at $35. I got a Celeste and an Olympian. They also had Brown Turkey and Chicago Hardy. If I had room in my car, I would have got those as well. Too far to go back for more as I was traveling on business.

Now I can stay busy reading up on all things figs as it was a spur of the moment purchase. I am already surprised to see all the varieties mentioned on here. Pics below are the Celeste.


Looks very healthy…what a deal!

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Olympian is delicious. Ours fruits every year (because we store it in our barn for winter).

I do not have either but they look very healthy and are already spreading! If your growing season there does not support ripening of the main crop, which you will know probably in the first fruit bearing year, then follow this method to enhance production of the Breba crop. It works well here where main crops do not ripen. I have a number of Dessert kings that are heavy Breba producers.
Kent, wa
Pruning video for Breba crop in cool climates:

This video features the Dessert King variety which he says does best in cool climates.