Bourjasotte, Grise, how it compares……

Picked a couple more B/G,s this morning and compared it to Smith, have to say, very close, Smith just a little sweeter, taste wise, very close. On a blind test? Hard to tell.


So that makes sense as to why they are two of my most favorite figs.


I’m glad it’s fruiting for you this year. How did it handle rain and humidity? Also how’s your Moscatel Preto doing?

Muscatel Preto turn into a giant tree, 8 feet with multiple trunks, by pass fruiting, half a dozen only. They just taste fine, great . No problem with rain.
Might still have a couple ripening in a week. Branches been tipped a few months ago.


Try pruning for a single central leader (i.e., remove the other trunks). Then keep only 3-4 scaffolds. With less clutter, Moscatel Preto will develop a thick truck and strong branches with ample large fruits.

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It’s just a matter of choice, I am doing great the way I grow things. No change.

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Ah, ok. I thought you might regard “by-pass fruiting” as a problem.

Over abundance on fruit is not of importance. Excellent tasting is big with me, that’s why I try to grow top 5 to 10 type of fruit tree’s, I am there already.

It will fruit better next year. Mine sets a fruit at each leaf node. You take good care of your trees so all they want to do is grow.