Box Store Asian Pear Rootstock

I had purchased 5 Asian Pears for this year, but ended up planting two of them for a customer of mine and I am now out Korean Giant. I think this might be a variety I can find locally at a box store, but I was unsure of what rootstock they might be using.

I’ve never bought a fruit tree at a box store, because I always figured they were on poor rootstock and might be mislabeled, but I don’t want to sacrifice a year of growth. It seems like most Asian Pears are on BET. I could just wait for next year as well and order from a reputable nursery.

Any advice would be appreciated.


StarkBros has them.

I would recommend You will almost certainly get more roots on your tree than one from stark bros. They should respond fairly promptly to any request for info.

Call the store and ask them what nursery they buy their fruit trees from. Sometimes you can call the nursery and get the information from them. I was able to get some information that I needed about a tree that I had bought from a box store using this method.

Thanks guys, I’ll check out all of those options. For whatever reason, I felt like I wanted Betulifolia rootstock, but maybe it doesn’t matter. Raintree, has there’s on OHxF87 , and Starks doesn’t list the rootstock that I can find, but their bareroot is a standard.