Bradley # 3 Plum anyone?

Today I was at a local store (a part nursery, part 10 other things kinda place) and noticed they had a few fruit trees. The one that interested me was a plum tree. The label said it was from “Park Hill Nursery, Park Hill OK”. The plant name says “Bradley # 3 Plum”. So I come and start Goggling, but I can find neither Park Hill Nursery in OK nor a single thing about a “Bradley # 3 Plum”. It was a professionally printed tag, not done by the store I was at. It has leafed out enough that I could tell it probably isn’t a pear and does look most like my plums.

WHile I certainly don’t have much faith in the store I was at, the printed label on the plant left me curious. If it is some kind of unusual plum OR almost any euro, I’d want it…especially if any of you can recommend it.,

Please let me know if you know anything about a “Bradley # 3” plum. Thank-you.

I found them. Park Hill Plants and Trees, Tahlequah, OK.

I suspect that the plum is a Damson type. Maybe a variety known as Bradley’s King (Bradley’s King of the Damsons). It was first distributed by Bradley & Sons of Halam in around 1880.

I’d pass on it unless you want to make jelly or some Damson gin.

The “#3” probably refers to the pot size, #3 being nursery size 3 gallon.

yep…I bet you’re right ampersand.

Not only am I impressed and grateful for the information, but also a little embarrassed. I bet you anything that the label said “Park Hill Nursery” instead of what I said (Park City). So I had you out searching the net for the wrong nursery! And yet, you somehow came through for me. Thanks so much!
But I really hated to hear that you don’t think its a very tasty plum. I had my hopes up. I actually have a regular “Blue Damson” already. I thought maybe the two could cross pollinate each other for better yields. But if its not good for fresh eating, I don’t think I’m very interested. I have enough jelly/jam items. Shoot…I was pretty excited about this one.

Thanks ampersand, too, I’m sure you are right about that since it appeared to be a 3 gallon pot.

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I have one and it’s so good that I’m top working it here very soon. It’s a total pia and the only thing so far that stink bugs have went after. They do grow really nice though…shame their not tasty.

you talking about blue damson or Bradley?

I’m just talking about Damson’s in general. I don’t even know the specific cultivar of mine…other than it looks just like those pictured, other than the fact that not all of mine will be a nice blue, but rather most get a blushed yellow with areas of blue.