Branches dying on multi grafted pluot tree


This is the second year in ground for a 4 in 1 pluot from Dave Wilson/
Last year and this year, I see some branches suddenly dying off. By suddenly, I mean good yesterday and leaves shriveled today and branch dries out in another 3-4 days.
Why would this happen? I am the Raleigh area.
Any tips would be greatly appreciated as I had high hopes on Dave Wilson nursery hybrids.


Usually that’s freeze injury or bacterial canker. Given your location probably the later. That would be my best guess. Look that up and see if it fits the symptoms.

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I think it’s freeze damage. I had the same thing
happen to one of my grafted trees and I’m further

Thanks for the responses. Definitely not freeze damage but could be bacterial canker. I could not find any visible signs of canker on the trunk or branches.

I have a couple of other pluots which are not grafted and are doing fine. Never had this issue. Didn’t have this problem on the plums, peaches or nectarines. I just think the multi grafted trees are more vulnerable for some reason. Noticed a similar thing last year on a multi grafted apple. I am thinking multi grafted DW origin hybrids are overrated. They should be qualified with geography. Can’t imagine them doing well in many places. Seem too much trouble to me.