Breaking my own fruit growing rules

Matt- It was at my old farm that I sold many years ago, will try to remember: Moonglow; Magness; Maxine; Starking Delicious, Orient.

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Isn’t everywhere almost fireblight country? Plant and spray.

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Not in much of the arid southwest. Fireblight shows up in infected pear trees shipped here, but it is so hot and dry it rarely spreads and is controllable with pruning. It is just too hot for the bacterium’s survival or spread. I feel badly for those in areas where it or other pests/diseases just devastates certain otherwise growable crops.

Of course most European pear cultivars don’t exactly do well here fruitwise.

I am concerned fireblight has spread to a loquat this year. But the three small branches effected I removed had no perceivable bacterial odor and may have died because they were shaded out (I hope). Guess I will know in a few months as it warms up.

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How is your project coming along? Comice is supposed to be the pear others are judged by.

I found a pear that is always consistent in size, texture,color and flavor and is practically totally resistant to insect, bacterial or fungal disease, is a dependable cropper and is cold hardy to zone 2 or 3.
Amazingly it has a great hang time and, as long as you don’t break the outer protective skin it can sit on the counter for months just waiting for you to decide. I hope I get the spelling right … it called the DelMonte pear.

Mike - With slight case of cabin fever


Hi Clark,
I started cleaning the place last weekend and gave up on the Grapes,until I can get some kind of powered trimmer.
Returned Tuesday and worked mostly on the trees.The Bosc has significantly more fruiting wood than the Comice,but was able to get a little to try.
The place is about fifty miles from me,so gets attention sporadically. The rain is coming down now and may last awhile.I need to get out there though,before things start growing.
Thanks,that’s good to know about the Comice. Brady

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I grafted one abate fetel this year that took and was growing nicely but was broken off in a storm. Don’t feel sorry for me because I added several other excellent varieties of pears that are doing extremely well. It’s very hot here now so my grafting came to a screeching halt. Maybe next year.

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To bad about that abate fetel, that photo on the cover of rain trees catalog sure looked good.

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I also lost a couple grafts in high winds this week. I didn’t lose any varieties due to having multiple scions, but it was close. If there is a stub of scion left you can still get a new bud from that base, so if there is any wood left at all rub off any other shoots not from the scion to see if you can get it to re-sprout.

Thi s afternoon a new shoot of my nectarine, that was being bent, broke completely off due to very strong wind.

It has been quite windy lately.

It broke off the entire limb to the base so there was no chance. Sorry to hear you lost some Scott.
I was looking at abate fetel pictures thinking they really look delicious and like anything the one graft I had a two inch scion for was the one that got broke off. I lost several others as well in the storm that I will regraft next year.
Those winds are hard on foliage, branches and fruit. We have constant wind here so the trees have more resistance to it. This year the new succulent growth from the rainy season broke off on some of my trees. We also had hail that caused me to loose some grafts. I trimmed a foot of growth off many of the grafts and left 2-3 inches until they are fully healed. Cicada damaged branches from last year continue to break off.