Breba Fig Cold Hardiness in southeast VA?

Cold hardiness for figs seems to be a debated topic, but I would like to know specifically how cold hardy are breba fruit? I have a Desert King fig and I was wondering if I can expect a reliable crop unprotected in southeast VA? If not I have a protected location I can plant one.

I’m at the top end of the state. Here it’s totally random. I’ve went several years where they did well and there has been plenty of years they died back to the ground. Double your odds and plant another variety with it.

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There is a pretty big difference in temperature from your area to mine so if you were able to get away with it many years maybe I’ll be fine. Was your tree near a structure for protection? I have plenty of main crop figs, I just want Desert King for a nice early fig.

I have about 20 figs in ground scattered all around. This was a bad year and most died back to the ground, but many are already coming back. They rarely out right die. To be honest I would expect you to have similar results. It’s really kind of random.

Interesting, I dont have enough experience growing here to know for sure. There are very large fig trees all around my city, but of course they are usually main cropping figs.

This is an example of one, I think it is a celeste tree.

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That tree probably gets a breba crop quite often. The older they get the better they do. It’s the spring time hot-cold swings that they do not like and VA has plenty of that.

Oh yeah you don’t have to tell me, the transition from winter to spring is just frustrating. It’s probably the biggest downside to our climate besides humidity and bugs.

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