Breeding Methods for Fruit Trees

In my opinion this is the leading textbook in English. Perhaps I’ll add a few more specific to fruits later on.

Orton, T. J. (2019). Horticultural Plant Breeding. Elsevier Science.


I often wonder how much is “science” and how much is dogged persistence. Luther Burbank achieved unbelievable outcomes without the scientific principles we use today. He made millions of crosses in his lifetime. Granted that Burbank did not have methods to do embryo rescue, but still, he successfully made multiple cross-species hybrids.

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Never mind that he knew John Rock and Gustav Eisen.

It’s not Burbank’s fault they were bad at naming plants after themselves.

And Ivan Michurin!

I’ve now reviewed 6 academic books regarding plant breeding .

One of them is listed in post #1. Four others are books assembled with each chapter written by a different author and listed under the name of one or two editors. These kinds of books offer summaries of individual research programs and methodology, but are not very useful for learning a subject. They are sort of – what you eat for dessert.

But here is a book used at Penn. State for horticulture undergraduates and was recommended by the professor. I think some of you might find it useful.

Principles of Plant Genetics and Breeding, By George Acquaah


@Richard, are you a professor.? I am amazed at the plethora of topics you have a deep knowledge on. Or are you just an autodidact? I enjoy reading your input on almost every post I come upon.

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My journey has been one of many hats. And yes I did moonlight as a lecturer at SDSU for about a decade.