Brigantine Nectarine

This is a newer one that I couldn’t find any user reports on. The description Adams County Nursery has is appealing. “Spicy and sweet” and a lack of bacterial spot. It probably ripens around the last week of July in the Mid-Atlantic.

Is anyone growing this one or has sampled the fruit yet?

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You would think it’s zone 5 with the parents (Fantasia x Eastern Glo). However, the patent states -20 C which is -4 F. I thought most nectarines were zone 5.

I don’t think they tested it anywhere with lower winter temps before the patent went through. It possibly could be hardier, but New Jersey’s winters tend to be pretty moderate being close to the coast. Most of it is 6b-7b.

That makes a lot of sense.

Well, AC nursery had one left, and I bought it on a whim to see, since there doesn’t seem to be any reports so far. Why not right? Could we fast forward a year or 2 already?

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