Bringing hot peppers indoor

I brought 3 of my hot peppers indoor for Winter protection and so far they are very happy and still producing. Did anyone else bring their hot peppers indoor?



No, but I certainly will be bringing in a couple bell pepper plants next year.

I dug up and chopped down one of my larger peppers to bring indoors. I’m going to see if I can make bonsai out of it. So far, it does look like it’s growing back.

I bought mine in over a week ago. My house temp is about 68 F and dry. The pepper plant does not like it, too cool and too dry for its liking. It does not look very happy.

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Yours looked decent. I used a water sprayer to spray the leaves once a day.


You are one dedicated gardender. No wonder all your trees and flowering plants look great.

Thanks for the tips. Will do.

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I overwintered a Black Pearl for 2 years, this would have been the third winter, but I was at my cottage working and a freeze killed the plant. So none overwintering this year. I also wanted to overwinter Orange Tree Habanero, as it is truly tree-like in form. I so wanted a pepper tree. It grew to 5 feet single trunk the first year. I collected seed, and will try again next year with it. Cutting it up to dispose, it was as hard as wood, the trunk was all woody. Only good pruners would cut it. The peppers were very good too.

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You, guys, lucky. Every time I take my hot pepper inside I am getting pretty bad aphids infestation. I fight it usually till December with no big luck, then I have to throw it away in order to have a quarantine time before I plant my starters in February. I tried soap, insecticides, rinsed them with shower, covered soil with plastic and so on… They are gone for few days after treatment - then just come back, I believe from the soil. The most funny thing is, aphids NEVER affects my peppers when they outside. Once I had them when I have my peppers under cover for pepper maggots fly, but as soon as I took the cover off, aphids were gone. So I stopped trying… Anyway, I usually have enough dried by the end of the summer for a few years, so taking them in is just matter of joy, not the crop :smile:.


Like I said before, I had fungus gnats, not aphids. They are black and look like fruit flies.

The only way I could suppress them is by spreading a thin layer of sand on top of the soil. This year I brought 10+ pots in the house. No issue.

Wow, it is a lot!

I have had problems with aphids myself. I spray heavily before I bring them in. If I get them, it takes 3 or 4 sprays a week apart to rid myself of them. I use oil, or a 1 day PHI organic insecticide, or both mixed together.

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Harvested my first hot peppers of the season from the pots I brought indoor last fall and now outdoor.

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