Brittle spurs on apple

Harvesting apples today and having a lot of trouble breaking off spurs- the wood is brittle and fine, and the stems are very short. So as I was working in the tree I kept snapping off spurs.

There is lots of spurring wood on my Liberty, so it’s not like I can’t afford to lose a few. But it makes me feel clumsy, and it’s messy, and some of the spurs I broke were on really nice, big apples. Does that mean that I have lost big apples next year that I would have gotten next year? I don’t know.

Is there anything I could do to minimize the problem? Please share your experiences and thoughts!

May be your apples are not ripe enough yet? That will make them hard to remove and could break spurs.


I had not thought of that! And that could be it- the apples are nearly, or fairly ripe, but not fully, and the fully ripe ones do fall right off. Thank you!


Libertys are tough cause they never ripen at the same time.