Broken plum mystery

This morning I discovered one of my first year plum missing a branch. Broken branch was laying nearby. But what also was missing is 12X6 heavy duty plastic net that was wrapped around the tree. First I blamed my tree guy that was working on a big maple tree in that area, so I thought he hooked the net with the bunch of branches he was pulling toward chipper and pulled it and that is how the branch was broken. The problem is, net nowhere could be found. Also, right after the job he told me that my trees are fine. Why would he say this, if he didn’t even try to mask the damage by setting the net back? And where is the net?! So only other guess I have is deer. A buck deer, that hooked the net on the antlers and carried it away. Can that be true with 1’’ hole stiff net?
Anyway, what to do with that tree is another question.

The branches didn’t have much space, so two of three now growing on half of the trunk. I can see several ways to deal with it.

  1. Leave it alone and let it either grow or die.
  2. Cover the bare wood with some paint or wax
  3. Cut the broken branch of the trunk bark piece and try to tie that piece back to restore bark on the trunk.
  4. cut the tree below the damage (That will leave one brunch left) and start over.
    Any suggestions?
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Paint it up and pull the 2 branches over some to fill the gap.

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I think you can just trim the break to clean it up a bit and leave it be. My bet is that it’ll do just fine.

And my guess is that there’s a buck running around someplace with a net hung up on his antlers!


It looks like there are three branches left for scaffolds.I agree,to cut off the damaged part.
What was the net protecting against?


Agree with all above, but save scions now from the broken branch. Tell us what variety this is in case a member would like to have them on a trade
Kent, wa


ha-ha, deer) There were four polls in the ground around the tree, and net was loosely wrapped around the tree and the top was closed with paper binders. I thought that is enough for deer protection while tree is small. I didn’t anticipate scenario with net on the antlers. :laughing: I hope this deer will tell his relatives that there is noting entertaining in that crazy lady yard, that plants her berry bushes in the enclosure with net roof.


It was outside for one-two warm days(around 50F) and under the rain now. Do you think it is still valuable?

I’ve seen where people use a fishing line around the poles.It doesn’t need to be heavy,maybe 5-10 lbs and only one strand.
The idea,is when the deer come to check out the tree,they will touch it with their noses and get spooked.So it can’t be strung too high or low nor close to the tree.
I just found this video and the guy uses 30-40 lb monofilament and strings it twice.

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Yes of course
Just cut them into 5 to 6 buds per stick, rehydrate overnight in a cold water bath, then air dry and store them sealed in a plastic bag in a cold space until you or someone else needs them