Brought out my first fig tree

After reviewing the 10 forecast, than the 30 day forecast saw a couple 29*’s.My trees in the garage never got in complete dormancy…So they might go in the field a little sooner, hopefully!! Lost of fifties in the forecast.


Agreed. My fig root starts are trying furiously to bud out. Even some of the branches I passed on and left outside are growing.

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I’m starting two Chicago Hardy trees for friends and they finally are showing roots a day or two after pushing buds. Took about a month. My plan is for them to live under a grow light/on a window sill until April. Pot them up once they have more roots showing but before it’s a loopy mess.


Figs have a very hard time with cooler temperature and rain even though they grow well Protect them from rain.


Yes I gave up on my in ground Celeste figs in TN 7 because, without fail, just as they were ripening rain would destroy practically the whole crop. That, and the birds of course.