Brown leaves edges on Persimmon Tree

Anyone knows what is happening to my persimmon tree? The leaves edges are brown. See the picture below

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What zone are you in? Did you get a late frost? Kind of looks like mine that got hit with a late frost.

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Could be over or under watering.
Black perhaps more often means over, brown perhaps under.

I am in 7b, it could be possible but the recent new growth has the black edges as well.

I am going try watering more, I was holding off on watering too much because we were getting a lot of rain, but maybe it was not sufficient. Thanks.

My new tree is doing the same, but it’s a lot easier to over water on persimmon. They do not like wet feet! Better to only water about once a month when you are in a long dry spell of several weeks.
I think mine is just new to its soil as I planted it last fall.