Brown patches/dots on plum and pluot

Hi all,

Another season and another round of questions on what I’m doing wrong :slight_smile:

We had a fair bit of rain over the last week and a half, and cool weather so conditions were ripe… I last night sprayed a bit of neem oil to combat aphids that I’d observed, especially on the cherries but to a degree on the plum/pluot. A few places in the new growth of the plum there’d been something that rolled up in the leaves to gestate. Not sure what but used the Neem late evening as I’ve read to not hit the beneficials.

Today I noticed many spots, especially on fruit but also on leaves. Is this fungal?

I sprayed copper winter and early spring before full bloom and trees have seemed healthy since then…

Wondering if there’s much to do at this point or a list cause. I am new at this but figure buying Serenadeto spray might help salvage something if it is the right treatment for what I’m seeing.

Any thoughts? Look familiar to anyone?

I’m not sure,but Neem is fairly strong and it could be that.The spots seem superficial though.
Is it available to see a picture of the rolled up leaves?bb

Well this is almost certainly burn/cytotoxicity from the Neem I sprayed or something residual in the sprayer. The only other thing I’ve sprayed from it is copper during dormancy, but I rinsed thoroughly after that.

Now, the peach, which I didn’t mention, got the same Neem spray and is shedding green leaves in the middle of spring. Pissed at myself for not being more careful with the concentration now.

Live and learn.