Brushy Mtn Pawpaw

There will be a NCSU fruit scientist here to collect measures, photo, samples before the end of the month. He will be submitting the data for registering the tree. Got a chuckle, he said there are numerous very large specimens he is familiar with. Offered to bring and teach me what is needed to correctly record-keep throughout these next seasons. Great Guy!


Keep us posted

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Figured to get a scientist to work for free from NCSU. Will report his findings. He said something funny this week by phone. I told him I’m old and not a scientist. He says, “No, farmers are scientists!” I’m going to enjoy his visit.


Got the call today, NCSU Fruit Scientist will be meeting on-site next week. I’m excited. He gets to use the new Histand spade, not I, haha.

As it turns out, the scientist raises pawpaws down towards Ashville. I have taken many classes at that NCSU Center over the years in Fletcher, a beautiful campus and facility!

They always have an interesting outreach class. That is where our state Herb Association used to meet. Besides the public libraries…best government money ever spent on me!

I’m going to ask lots of questions, are seedling true to parent? What scion wood might be used to graft? Suggestions?

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Seedling are unlikely to be true to parent, but if itself is definitely not a grafted tree, then the clones from any runners would be. I’d feel out that element, as well as any environmental factors that might contribute to its uniqueness, as well as any pathogenic potentials. And, of course, if he can help you with the statistical type identifications (age, height, girth, etc.), particularly where it might be asked on a record or naming application, those would be good ones to ask.

He is doing the whole show, I hold only the dumb end of the tape and take a few pics.

Maybe Mrs Johnson has some idea of where and when the tree came about. Tissue samples are requested by the Herbarium at NCSU.


The big inspection today! Just back from meeting a NCSU fruit scientist and a local agent to verify this tree. The circumference is 91"or about 28"dbh, the crown is 42 ft wide and heighth is 49 ft.

Craig knows Neal Peterson, Woody and some more folks on this web site, raises pawpaws, and is an all around good guy!

He was just laughing at it’s size and said, no argument, it is a pawpaw. He is showing me how the NCSU Herbarium wants to have tissue samples sent, I have both the NC Forest Service and the National Tree Registration forms in hand and will make the submissions next week. The buds have broken and too far along to collect scion wood…I guess.

I probably just should shut up but I’m miffed with the local agent. She blew me off last week and was most unhelpful. At least today she did her best to hold her comments to a minimum. She and I will not have a working relationship. At my age it seems to happen more often especially by phone…“lets piss off the old stupid guy!”

I got this last laugh, haha! Hope she likes crow.


How exciting!

Although this is probably true, nothing ventured, nothing gained. You can get seedling stock all over the place, so cut a couple of stems that appear to be dormant still and stick them in the fridge. If it doesn’t work, you’re only out a couple bucks. If it does, you’re a year ahead of where you’ll be next year when it is definitely dormant again.
I recall you said something about not really wanting to climb the tree again. I’m close enough to you that I can come down and spot the ladder or climb so you can stay on the ground if you want.


49 feet tall seems mighty big for a pawpaw… Did they say whether it is in the running as a champion tree?

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Let me talk with Randy again, this is gonna cost me a few libations and a couple steak dinners for sure. I commented to Craig that it was kind of him to make the trip and he says with a laugh, “we have now verified it, it’s a pawpaw.”

I could reach several new wood pieces not open, but he suggested it is too late. I don’t know.
Yeah they think it’s in the running. I’m thinking of bypassing NC Forest Service application for the National Registry.

Do the clinometer and rule and 200ft tape lie? And of course, two ex-spurts plus an old guy for good measure. Well, they said they were ex-spurts.


Spurts are like clonal sprouts, right? Can they ever truly become ex-spurts?
I’m glad Randy is being such a good sport for you. I’m imagining him saying something like “can’t you just take the tree home to your own yard already?”

In other news: I just turned far too many lady bugs loose inside my house. They are happily policing all the plants I have started, growing, or otherwise turning green in the place, but I can’t imagine there is quite enough to eat for so many.

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That may well be what he tells me!

ex-spurt: a provincial term of endearment

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Surely after all this fuss he has to realize he can’t cut it down now…


My graft of “Brushy Mountain” seems to be a success. Jury still out.


@appleseed Do you have fruit on the brushy mtn pawpaw that we can see?


How did your graft do?

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I have been covered with farm work getting the farm ready to market for sale. Tractor 4 hours, couch four days. Gonna try for making it to my b-day, and maybe get off the mountain a bit and check and photo the tree and fruit.

I am an old worn-out farm hand with no help.


It’s alive, but like the other grafts I did on this particular tree, it didn’t push much growth at all, maybe a few inches.
I hope all these grafts survive the winter and next summer, then I hope to have enough to re-harvest scions and move them to more vigorous stock.
Hope you’re doing well!!