Brutting Hazelnut


Has anyone tried brutting Hazelnut trees? All you do is snap (but don’t break off) the ends of all the new shoots that were made this year. Count up to six or seven leaves on the new shoot from where it comes out of the older wood and snap the shoot there. This will stop the tree trying to make a new shoot and force the bit below the snap to make more flowers, which will turn into more nuts next year.


I’ve never heard of this. what time of year do you do this?


In August. I did it last August but I seem to have many more male catkins than female flowers as a result.


I have heard of brutting plums so I would assume that it would also work on hazels. I’m in zone 7b and last year my hazels started blooming about 20190221. Does yours normally bloom this early?


I’m in Zone 7 in Germany (Minimum Temp. 0-10°F) and the hazel catkins are shedding pollen now.


Thanks for the reply. I’m having the opposite issue. Plenty of flowers but only a few catkins this year. Last year I only had blooms and no catkins.