Bud 9 gets bigger bag


Thinking about planting the seed from this Bud9 fruit.

Bud 9 Apples

Looks like a right nice apple.

My Niedwetzkyana is blooming…must be mixed up
(It had no blooms this past Spring). Lovely dark pink blooms and reddish leaves.


It is small but it is pretty nice looking.


My only Bud9 fruit dropped today.
001 Cut

002 Whole

003 Seed


How did it taste?


It was a little over ripe. The best description I can come up with is that it has a tart/sweet taste. I think if picked at the right time a person that don’t care if it is a little tart will like it.


“bud 9 gets bigger bag”

well, aren’t these the strangest-looking marijuana plants. . . oh, wait.