Budding out way too early?


Definitely earlier than any of my stuff :scream: hopefully the rest stays dormant for a while longer.


More pics of my Anjou

If the weather is fair Saturday I am going to try some Pear grafting :+1: If not then I am going to try it the next evening that the weather is fair.


Why rush? You can wait until they leaf out to graft. In zone 6, you can wait until temp is more consistent esp. above freezing. I don’t graft pears until April. 100% take.


Not really rushing. I have quite a few scions for a few different types of Pears and I want to see if I can graft :+1: Will only do a couple on this tree and if they don’t take I will do more on it again later. I am going to wait on the others for a couple months. I hope to make many grafts with Pears and Apples. Even hope to do a couple on a Cherry tree :blush:


Of interest. I was researching my Zone 6b out a little further and I am only about 15 miles or so from Zone 7a :blush: I know that I live at a higher elevation than that area but it may give me a bit of an edge over other people in the 6b Zone. I may be able to push the limit on Zone 7a a little :+1: What say you all? Or at least I am hoping… :man_shrugging: :sweat_smile:

The area that is 7a is at an elevation of 1,096′ and the town I live in is at 1,883′ . So that is quite a bit different and probably the reason for the zone change. I do know that we are a few degrees cooler in the winter than they are as well.


This flowering bush is at my in laws house. It is usually Easter before it blooms pit but as you can see it is pretty far along.

I thought I had focused in better on the flower but once I zoomed in to look at it I hadn’t… I was already gone before checking the pics :man_facepalming:

Does anyone know what kind of bush this is? They really don’t know what it is but it has been there for many years and I have even taken sprouts of it to my house and started one of these as well :+1:


Kind of looks like flowering quince to me, but hard to tell with the focus issue. You might try googling flowering quince and see if they look like the flowers you saw. I don’t know if they sold as much anymore, but they used to be quite popular so if it is an older planting that might make it more likely.


Flowering quince. Cydonia. No if’s or question.

I have hellebores in full bloom (Lenten rose).

And going to cut the rest of the scionwood I’ve promised this week…otherwise all the buds may be swollen!


Thanks for the ID :+1: and I can’t wait for the scions :scream:


I posted about getting flowers on my plum already with pics here…


Couple pictures I went back and found from last year of mine. They were from March 24, 2019. So a month and a half earlier than last year apparently…


Thanks for linking to the other thread :+1:


I checked some of my peaches at the house today. Surecrop is at Quarter-Inch Green
(Calyx Red) using the Critical Temperatures for Frost Damage on Fruit Trees as a guide. I am still a ways out from bloom but I am expecting to be at partial bloom by the 20th, beating my record of February 27th last year. In prior years I have had blooms start as late as April … This is way too early but last year my peaches survived and I had my best crop ever. It will be interesting to see how the crop does this year with an earlier bloom.


Although I am in Maryland and also zone 7a(cusp of 6b), I’m nowhere near that stage. I’m at first swell.


I haven’t checked my trees on my father’s farm but he said some were at the same stage, Dixie Red and Red Chief which are early bloomers. I am looking at a low of 19 on Friday so it will be interesting to see how the early blooming peaches do.


Suppose to get rather cold her before weekend as well and I am hoping that there isn’t any damage to anything but guess we shall see…


In other news, we have been getting unreal amounts of rain and last Wednesday and Thursday we had flooding in many areas close by though :man_facepalming: Oh and we got about 4 inches of snow this past Friday :joy:

Suppose to rain lots more this week, so we have that going right now as well…


Yes, from Harlan KY through Knoxville, TN and Huntsville, AL and Jackson, MS…………by the end of the week, half a normal year’s rainfall will have fallen!
(Hopefully that doesn’t mean the next 10 months only get half of normal—but it probably does, as long range looks like very dry and hot mid summer, unless tropical systems should move in from the Gulf. We’ve had excess rainfall two years in a row in Kentucky. Feb of 2019 set a monthly record I believe in numerous places. Feb. of 2020 if giving the record a run for it’s money.)


Same here with the record amounts of rainfalll in both where I live (Monterey, TN) and were I work daily (Nashville, TN). Hopefully it isn’t to dry this year but you just never really know with the weather… :man_facepalming:


It’s going to drop to 18 Thursday night. Will the buds make it.