Budding out way too early?


I have my doubts on these.


Cherry? plum? What is it?


Use this document to help answer that: https://extension.usu.edu/productionhort/files-ou/CriticalTemperaturesFruitTrees.pdf


The first picture is plum the other two are pluots.


I wish that document had pictures for the plum phases.


Hope they make it! Buds are way more resilient than blooms but not sure how pluots or plums react to that type of cold…


Thursday night and Friday night are going to be cold here. Only a few things besides my Anjou pear have shown major signs of life so not that big of a deal here yet…


I’m a visual learner. I like to use this chart when reading your comments.

CriticalTemperaturesFruitTrees.pdf (2.4 MB)


Pictures of Euro plum at least.


Graftman, per the chart, you will likely see notable losses, but there’s a decent chance some will survive.


It was 12°F this morning in Clarksville, MD.


15 degrees when I left home for work this morning in Monterey, TN :cold_face:


Only 19 there now and it is 20 here where I work! Guess we will have to wait just a bit before we start today :thinking::smile:


I only have VERY earliest bud swell on a PF-25 peach so far. Per the chart I may lose a couple buds, but I think I’ll be mostly ok as of now.


You’ll get some ‘fast set’ on that mortar in these temps, eh? Actually I’d expect the sand to be too frozen to put in a mixer!
Was 14 here at 6 a.m.


We heat the water and keep the sand covered always. We also heat the areas where we are working and use propane torches (weed burner type) to heat the material up and dry it out as needed. Also use accelerator in our mortar to help it set up quicker :+1: We as masons never usually miss a day for rain/snow or cold… It is great for the paycheck but a day off now and then sure would be nice :laughing:


18 deg here and for a few hours. I haven’t been outside yet. I’m sure I’ll see a bit of damage.


I’ve tried caulking in cold weather and the results are not that great.

Around here i think most concrete work just stops. A relative of mine was a bricklayer and i believe this time of year they were just laid off…good job but i know it was killer on his knees (now retired).

Ume plums in central Tokyo are in full bloom…


I have been a bricklayer most of my life. The only job I have ever had in fact :relaxed: My dad is a bricklayer as well and just about to retire in a year or so himself. We do commercial jobs that are usually fairly good size. We are on a job with 70 people at the moment.


P. americana down the street has bloomed.

Black Ice will probably bloom tomorrow, if not by end of day.

I am already a month behind on the garden work.