Budding out way too early?


The snow and cold temps we have gotten recently has put a halt to most everything that didn’t need to he budding out. So hopefully most of my stuff waits til al least the end of March before trying again!


Maybe, but I’m tired of rain 3 days a week, and below freezing 3 nights a week. It’s hard to play in the water outside, or do masonry either…or most any other chores. Even pruning shouldn’t be done when the wood is frozen.


Last years Winter/Spring is what prompted me to prune so early this year. I usually wait til now but by this time last year everything was already woken up and it was to late to winter prune. So I started right before the New Year and finished on the 1st day of January! Earliest I have ever pruned and I am so glad I did. The weather was nice for the first half of the month and then the rain and cold and more rain and cold came. I was fortunate that everything was probably healed over by the time the bad weather got here.


It being March now I guess it won’t be as bad if things bud out now. Lots of Bradford Pears are starting to bloom where I work but where I live is a week or so behind them. If all goes well I am going to try some more grafting this weekend. I have been looking at my bloom pics and my peaches should be in full bloom according to there scheldule by end of this month! I am excited for everything to start waking up now instead of the dread of things waking up to early that I had when I first started this thread back in January :blush: Hoping everyone else doens’t have stuff out way to early but if it is maybe it won’t be hurt :+1:


According to my list, I should be on my second holistic spray with neem/fish as we move into pink. I have done a first spray. Im so far behind because of short winter days and uncooperative weather


Hopefully you can catch up @Rosdonald :+1:


Not but a couple weeks early now but here is my first peach bloom of the season!


And a close up



Poncho, My peaches and nectarines are a bit ahead of that. The good news is no frost in the next 10 days. That almost gets to frost free weather.


Yes and that is what makes this very exciting that we might be this early!


Can’t seem to get the picture straight but you get the idea.
5 of 6 peach trees are going. Last one is slow to warm up. Not a peep out of the Apple trees yet.


One my peach trees, some of the others are not as far along.


One of my trees looks like that. It’s the farthest from the edge of the field (most out in the open. Figure it gets the coldest and is a week behind the most sheltered one.


That is the one that is farthest along for me! You are a zone ahead of me though.


Yep, I looked both a.m. and p.m. and now again this morning…how can you plan for the week when every few hours the online weather forecast has changed dramatically or significantly.?

I would be just as accurate to flip a coin…or go by the Old Farmer’s Almanac. It’s not just Weather.com but all the online forecast services. Some rain in the forecast, or at least a 30% or so chance of it, every day this week here in KY. (As of Saturday night, there was zero chance for Sunday afternoon and Monday). And it may be fair and sunny for 3 days in the middle of the week since they are giving up to 90 and 100% chance of rain!


I check the weather multiple times a day. I use the data I read from the daily and weekly updates along with the hourly and radar data to figure out what it is going to do but it is sometimes a coin flip still. Weather Channel is always bad to calk for rain every day in a month until right before the actual day, so I take weather reports with a grain of salt and prepare for most kinds of weather everyday :laughing:


No early buds here…but my cabin fever is getting intense!


I feel cold, just looking at your pic. I don’t recall when did we last have snow here. Maybe, early Feb.

Here are my apricot buds at tips separate. It is supposed to go down to 21 F tomorrow morning. If it is, they could sustain some freeze burn.


I’ll cross my fingers that they don’t get nipped! Our forecast for tonight is a low of 7F, and we’re usually 5-6 degrees lower than the forecast. Still have my fingers crossed that March goes out like a lamb!


Hoping that it doesn’t get that low for you @mamuang


You’ll be getting frost next Sunday it looks like in Tennessee … unless it is cloudy.
But, what do they know 6 days ahead? (You might get freezing rain.)

No apples showing colored bloom buds yet…but I didn’t get around to checking Niedzwetzkyana, it will perhaps be first to bloom. Granny Smith usually first, but it’s on it’s last legs at age 29, and I’m planting a new tree near it before sawing it down. *Fuji on M7 at age 29 much healthier tree, but it too I have a new replacement tree already growing.