Budding out way too early?


I will be tracking the cold weather for sure and try to do anything in my power with what isn’t in ground but everything else will have to fend for itself I guess :man_facepalming:


Mother Nature always wins. She is unpredictable.


I have tried in the past to cover for frost but with the way my work schedule is and the times I have to leave it just is never feasible to do it… Just hoping the forecast doesn’t end up changing for the worse.


For us, temp shows 21-22 F now.

I used to zone push. Then, I got tired of losing to Mother Nature.


Most things are starting to bud out in my Orchard now

An apple tree

A Cherry… I think :man_facepalming: :smile:

Couple of my blueberries one budding the other blooming

Hoping the temps don’t get as cold as they think this weekend!


It feels like mother nature is teasing me when only a single bloom survives, which is the case this year with my Arctic Star. Last year I had a single bloom survive on my Spice Zee only to be eaten by a cucumber beetle when the fruit was about the size of a nickel. My Spice Zee has probably 50-60 dime sized fruit on it this year though so hopefully I’ll get to try a few. My Dapple Dandy and Flavor Kings are both complete duds this year, not a single bloom made it which is pretty disappointing.


Thinking all the blooms were killed in my Anjou as well. The Kieffer has several fruit buds growing on it so I should have a good amount of blooms on it this year again.

Hope that you get to eat some fruit from your Spice Zee this year :+1:


You’re in Tennessee, and I’m in Kentucky, but it’ obvious it’s been colder on your mountain than here in KY.

I have one apple tree with 3 blooms that have already lost their petals, and 7 more blooms. (Red fleshed of course.)
But, Redfield will have first blossom open tomorrow, and ditto for Granny Smith…and Niedzwetzkyana is several days away. So, Redfield is not first to bloom, I have a new one that is several days ahead of it. (With flowering crab apples.)

Don’t believe we have had anything hurt except plums here.


Thw Cumberland Plateau is colder than the lower elevations around us and that is what puts us in the 6b zone for sure. Pears are about to start blooming now but my apples are just now starting to bud out! Crazy that farther north you have warmer weather isn’t it.


Pears booming or rather about to.

A blueberry getting ready to bloom as well

The good thing is. That it probably isn’t to early now :+1:


We had a frost yesterday morning at home and everything looks like it survived fine except for some tender grape leaves that were out a bit early. The ones that hadn’t opened up yet are fine though. Was hoping that the grapes wouldn’t have been set back but the earlier ones will be now… :man_facepalming: