Buddy grafting tape getting crazy expensive

This is my favorite grafting tape- not to hold scions to the mother but to prevent dehydration of the exposed scion. Other sources are charging over double as does this one. Oops, I was wrong, this is a much better price because it’s double the length. Thank you NovaPhamily for pointing out my mistake.

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I’ve never seen this before. You don’t know what this will cost. Contact customs to determine fees and costs?

●Please read before purchasing.
Import duties, taxes, and charges are not included in the item price or shipping charges. These charges are the buyer’s responsibility.
Unfortunately, we are unable to discuss these fees with you.
Please check with the local customs office of your country of residence prior to making purchases to have an idea of what these additional costs would be.
These charges are normally collected by the delivering freight (shipping) company or when you pick the item up - do not confuse them for additional shipping charges.
Your satisfaction and secure transaction are our top priorities.
We deliver satisfaction and secure transaction world-wide.
For our future improvement, please feel free to contact us with your valuable feedback, no matter how small you might feel it may be.

If you are short on parafilm you can simply parafilm only each bud and seal recast of scion and graft union with any stretchable plastic.
I do this a lot.
Kent, wa

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I know with USPS we now have a problem where it states people have to pay x amount and it goes down the list of things they will charge the recipient for. Our system started doing it once the EU put in extra restrictions so maybe they are just doing that to cover their own butts.

It’s cheaper at AM Leonard, double the length for $6 more or cheapest during their free shipping day.

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Everything with gardening has gone up. Fertilizers, amendments for the soil, plants etc. I think there should almost be a term for it at this point. At this point I have stocked up on fertilizers and have my plants paid for so I should be good but can see why those not stocked up or still buying plants would be concerned.

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I don’t think the U.S. is putting tariffs on grafting tape so I didn’t give those warnings much thought. I think the notice is generic for all countries. I’ll let everyone know.

I thought I’d gone to their site and they wanted $40 as did OESCO and a couple of others. Thanks, but I’ve already ordered.

I should have been more careful… the package looked the same so I figured it was the same product with the same length. Color me stupid. I made the order about 3 hours ago and Ebay says it’s too late to cancel it. Screw Ebay.

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A lot of websites do that. I bought stamps on Costco and then I found a website that you could buy old stamps and bulk buy for discounts. When I canceled with Costco I got a email in a few seconds saying it was already shipped and could not be canceled. Certainly auto generated. I changed a tree in terms of lighting from Balsam Hill minutes after and they claimed they were making an exception because you need to change it within something like 30 minutes despite me calling 5 minutes later. I ordered a 3 dollar ribbon for a wreath from Micheals and waited 5-7 days to get the ribbon and eventually got ribbon from Costco which was quite a bit nicer than their ribbon and they told me I had 2 hours to cancel the order. To make it worse when I returned the ribbon to Micheals they tried giving me store credit.

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Customer service in general has been in huge decline but when I buy stuff from Amazon, if I make the effort, I can always get refunds.

I understand deadlines and I understand how employees can become disgruntled but I think some deadlines are obscene like the 30 minute deadline with Balsam Hill or the 2 hour deadline for Micheals. At that point you may as well state you do not do cancellations.

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People are just being plugged into whatever algorithm the companies are using. Anymore we’re just ciphers.

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This week I did an experiment to find a good alternative to parafilm:
Used parafilm on one group of root cuttings and used Saran wrap on another group. A year or so ago I was out of parafilm but needed to graft so I used very this vegetable bag plastic which stretches very nicely once cut into 1” strips. They actually performed about as well! So in this world where we are surrounded by many forms of plastic don’t be afraid to try alternatives
Kent wa


I use the perforated version BTW. I was out of it yesterday, no doubt about it. Not tape but my mind.

What is the difference in performance between non-perforated and perforated anyway? The perforated version is 1 1/2 time more expensive at AM Leonard. It’s called “Budding tape” instead of “Buddy tape” (maybe to avoid the trademark). Is it worth spending extra on it when the non-perforated one performs just fine and is already on the expensive side.

The perforated is just made easier to separate at pre-determined lengths. I’m used to non-perforated and prefer to choose how long of a piece to use according to the application. I have no difficulty tearing the chosen length with my fingers to the chose length on the non-perforated.


I like the perforated because I like to stretch it as I cover the graft and not stretch it to break it- it’s what I’m used to and I’m the intense type who’s always in a hurry- I end up selling my trees for good money and the cost of grafting tape really shouldn’t concern me much. The pieces are of a length that almost always is adequate for my wood because of the great capacity of the stuff to stretch.

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Free shipping today at AM Leonard. $25 for 1”x 196’ (25mm x 60m) of non-perforated Buddy tape is a deal.

The perforated buddy tape I ordered from the Japanese company arrived today. Strangely, the order was handled by OESCO and referred to as a cash sale, so I guess the manufacturer has a deal with Amazon and Oesco and takes orders directly and then delegates transferring cash via one of the new apps.

The roll is the full length of what AM Leo sells, but I can’t be sure of the actual measurement, but someone doesn’t have their figures straight.

Too bad I erased the original link- I can’t find it in my records.

Here it is. All Aglis brand rolls are 30m long based on their labels. Unless AM Leonard’s description is inaccurate, which I doubt (non perforated is 60m and perforated is 192’), I don’t think they are the same length.

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