Buds Flowers and Fruit - 2024 Edition

I have several things budding and flowering now.
Time to start this one again for 2024.

Join in and show off what is happening at your place.


AU Rosa Plum

That is a graft of AU Producer that I added to AU Rosa last apring.


Carmine goumi graft to Red Gem that I did last spring.

My Lapins cherry… hoping for blossoms and fruit… it has been a freeloader so far.

Lettuce … producing way more than we can eat in my hot bed.

Seeing a few strawberry blossoms now.

Tifblue rabbiteye blueberry.

Obsidian blackberry… it is a west coast blackberry and is coming out a little early here. May get a taste of jack frost.

What do you have that is budding, flowering, fruiting ?


Spice Zee Nectaplum


@jaypeedee … love that color !!!

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Anna Apple (Zone 10)


Hollywood is in full bloom.
SM Everbearing is about 30%
Flavor Queen is 50%
Redskin is 100%.
Flavorich is 75%
Shiro Kaga is almost done
Spring Satin, Improved Satsuma, and Excelsior are at popcorn stage


Everbearing plumcot:


Flavor Queen:


At sunset this eve.

Looks like my Shiro is going to open blossoms about the time my graft of AU producer does.

Hopefully AU Rosa will still be blooming some when they do.


Well… look what happened overnight…

First Shiro blossom opened.

My AU Producer graft looks like it will join in soon.

AU Rosa Bloomed by itself for 4-5 days… it proved last year to be very successful at self pollinating.

Feeling much better about my plum pollination now… but late frosts still a big concern.

It is not unusual for us to get mid 20Fs in March or even first half of April.

Last year AU Rosa set 100 tiny plums early March… which all got wiped out by two nights back to back of 25-26F mid March.

I expect that just a few degrees warmer and they would have made it.


My fall (double) graft of Indian Free peach looks like it’ll bloom at just about the same time as the Oregon Curlfree it’s grafted onto:

After a warm spell a month ago everything started waking up, but has been slow to develop since then with lows just slightly above freezing.


Are bees or other insects active there now?

A lot more flowers opening up on my August Pride Peach a few on the Mid-Pride:

Got a lonely blossom opening on my older Spice Zee Nectaplum on Citation rootstock that isn’t doing so well and that I’m honestly keeping as a source of scionwood at this point.


@Bradybb … I have not noticed what pollinators are working them.

Last year AU Rosa bloomed about a week earlier… and it looked like every blossom set fruit.

Worked raspberrys all day today… had a skeeter get after me this evening. If they are out surly bees and other pollinators are.

I am curious now that you asked… will try and visit the plums again tomorrow and see what is working them.

I use a cotton swab or small paintbrush between Plums,especially Asian ones,because they bloom early.

I have trees in Vegas and in North Georgia – including identical cultivars that seem to have a very different wake-up schedule per region.

For instance, all of my jujubes in Georgia (including a So and a couple Honey Jars) are deep asleep, but in Vegas, the jujus appear to be several weeks ahead and are breaking bud:

Meanwhile, my pears in Vegas (including a Warren) are only just getting green buds, but in Georgia, they look to be at least a week or so ahead of Vegas and are unfurling leaves and blossoms. Below is a blossom on a Warren pear, 4th leaf, on callery:


In North Georgia, it appears to be mainly just the bumblebees so far. In Vegas, the honeybees are already out.

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Flavor King

Elephant Heart


Blood oranges


@TNHunter I like your idea for the cattle panel blackberry trellis. I may need to use that one.

Things are mostly still asleep out my way. Good swell but still some time to go. My earlier dwarf iris and crocus are up.

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Dorsett Golden apple flowers

Black and white himalayan mulberry trees


@busch83 … I have used cattle panel and tpost to construct a few berry trellises (Loganberry, Obsidian) which both produce those long trailing type canes and it works well.

One loganberry crown here will easily produce 40-50 ft of cane. A catle panel gives you lots of places to tie on and run individual canes.