Bug egg id

I usually find these yellowish looking eggs on new citrus leaves. Anyone know what they are?

Looks like scale.

Probably a swallow tail egg.

I had the privilege of watching one lay her eggs a couple weeks ago…was awesome! Now I go around looking for the “Bird poop” creatures. :slight_smile:

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Most definitely Swallowtail egg. Good ID, Jennifer. Jennifer, I am having chicken coop photo withdrawals. To she who has the BEST chicken coop ever. Just sayin’ :hatched_chick:

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I agree. Pull it off and squish it!

Thanks everyone. I do think it is probably a Swallowtail egg. We do have a lot of caterpillars that show up around this time.

If it is flat on the leaf, it’s a scale. If it’s round then it’s probably the swallowtail egg.

I was pruning my gooseberries today and found this:

Any idea what bug they belong to? The length of covered part of the twig is about 1.25’’

Katydid ?

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Bingo, Definitely pest eggs

Yes! Thanks. They will not have a chance to hatch in my garden :grin: