Bulk Crocus bulbs?

Does anyone have a good source for bulk crocus bulbs? The cheapest I could find is about $.19 a piece in quantities of 100.

did you check Colorblends in CT? they used to have reasonable prices on bulk.

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Assuming they’re good bulbs (not moldy, rotten, etc) and of a large enough size to bloom the first year…then 19 cents sounds pretty good to me.


I think Costco sells Crocus bulbs that will bloom next year for 11-13 dollars. I forget if they are in sets of 50 or 100. They sell them this time of year if you have a Costco near by you. Even if you don’t have a membership you generally get your money worth from a Costco membership. Plus let’s face it if you have money to grow crocus you have money for a Costco membership.