Bulk(ish) tree and shrub sales

Does anyone have a good place to buy 10-20 dogwoods, or hollies, or firs, or shrubs, etc?

I know I should have placed my order many months ago and lots of places are sold out by now, but I’m finally getting myself together

I’m looking for small and cheap and easy to plant, rather than trees in 10 gallon buckets!


Try https://www.coldstreamfarm.net/

I have not used them personally, but I have heard good things about them from others.


I like these guys


Did you check to see if your local soil and water conservation, dept. of forestry, or state parks has a spring tree sale?


Several of the dogwood varieties are available there. Most the edible plants are sold out. Searching other states forestry may give better luck.

Wholesale you have a number of options, but sometimes a nursery license or a $500 minimum purchase may apply.

I bought 111 viburnum bushes… rooted liners up to one gallon size. spent $600.
American cranberry bush and blackhaw are among the count, but so are ornamental cultivars.



Musser probably good for a few home grown ‘christmas trees’…but I had a bad incident with them a few years back…got pawpaw bare root. Called them and they talked me into planting them saying they’d probably grow. I’m not that stupid, I know when there is no moisture in the trunk of a seedling. Anyhow, got a refund some months later. But, I wasted a season on dead plants.
So, I’ve found other sources. Lawyer Nursery used to be my preference for “bulkish” bare root trees and shrubs…alas, they don’t exist anymore.

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