Bumps and scarring on Spice Zee Nectaplum

Nearly all of my Spice Zee Nectaplums have bumps on the surface, and a number also have scarring. The tree has a significant (but not overwhelming) amount of PLC. Any idea what is going on with these fruits? Will it impact their edibility/flavor?

The scarring is thrips damage that occurs soon after bloom. The fruit can still mature and will taste normal. The bumps I’m not sure about. It may be the same issue, something else, or normal.

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Can you tell us what you sprayed and when you sprayed it? I’ve had a similar thing on my Spice Zee and never really figured it out. Are all your fruits on the tree like those? Again, what did you spray and when? Anything pre-bloom, during bloom, or after bloom.

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I sprayed the “Italian Dressing” recipe (provided on this forum) twice during dormancy. Haven’t sprayed anything since then.

Every single fruit has some amount of the bumps (but not the scarring). The number and size of the bumps varies quite a bit, some of the bumps are larger than those in the photos, forming pyramids and/or ridges.

The tree is part of a cluster of four trees (a la backyard orchard culture). The other three trees are all nectarines. They received the exact same spray protocol as the nectaplum. None of them have any bumps or scarring or deformations of any sort.

That’s what Spicezee does. I think it’s totally normal for this species. After pit hardening and swelling begins, they will smooth out.