Burkittsville Red

Burkittsville Red

‘Unidentified apple of unknown origin, propagated from trees at Distillery Lane Ciderworks in Burkittsville Maryland. Large, red, excellent cooking apple. “Bramley’s-esque”, though definitely not Bramley’s.’

From Cummins

Anyone know any more about it? Tried it at Dist. Lane?

I’ve been over there a million times, but this is news to me.

I’m not big on cooking apples that otherwise don’t excite for eating fresh out-of-hand.

Nevertheless, this discovery is intriguing.

The area is beautiful. I am a 20-minute car ride away. The place is worth a visit during October weekends when they hold special events.

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I like to have a good cooker or two. So i may give this a roll on G11

Nice that you have been there

Tino at Cummins said they got some kinda by mistake. As we would expect he said its a triploid. He said a grower who has it said it resembles King of Tompkins County

In the past some of those odd apples like that were custom grafting orders that got cancelled. I remember some really obscure stuff on their website several years ago from such.


Might have been the case. I dont recall seeing it in their inventory before this week. Why of course i HAD to look into it. Lol. Doh.

You are not big into cookers but here is what Rob said about it:

I will say that the Burkittsville red/Browns apple/Thompson King mystery variety has been a good apple for us. It’s been a consistent annual cropper and makes great pies (just OK for eating out of hand as it is a very large apple that you would have a hard time finishing). We also use it as a base juice in some of our hard ciders. Produces its own natural “wax” while in the tree and in storage. Keeps well (better than its twin the Bramleys Seedling) and is high in pectin. Not too much pest or bacterial problems. We’ve had some issues with sunburn with that apple and the Bramleys, but an application of kaolin clay could take care of that. That’s all for now!

Rob Miller
Distillery Lane Ciderworks
5533 Gapland Road
Jefferson, MD 21755

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