Burl, Gall, or ? on Apple Tree

I’m fairly new to gardening / orchards. I have a 5-in-1 apple tree, 5-in-1 pear, and a Bing Cherry (looking for a pollinator but cant decide) planted in ground in Zone 7. I have some other fruit trees growing in pots that will live in my greenhouse.

Anywho - my apple tree has developed these bumps, and I can’t find conclusive information to determine what they are. The area around the tree was a bit overgrown this spring, so I didn’t notice the bumps until now. I do believe they are new this season. The tree was planted maybe 2 summers ago, as an established 4’ tall tree from FGT. No sprays. The tree does have aphids, but not wooly aphids, which are known to cause bumps, as well.

Anyone recognize what this is? I would hate to incorrectly purge the tree, thinking its bacterial or crown gall, if its something treatable. Any help is appreciated!

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