Bush Cherry Root Structure

Should I be concerned about roots from a newly planted Cherry Bush tree damaging PVC sewer line about 5-6 ft away?

I have a shared space between two houses and my neighbor has expressed concern about the bush cherry being less than 10ft away from a shared sewer line. Do bush cherries have invasive root structure or will it remained fairly contained?

For what it’s worth, when I dug up a Carmine Jewel I wanted to transplant, I accidentally killed it, because there were hardly any roots where a root ball should be. They were mostly smallish cordlike roots running horizontally out in all directions.

So…yeah…some small roots might get over to the area around the pipe after a many years, but if the pipe is PVC…I would assume you would be fine…there are no moist cracks or holes to attract roots or for small roots to poke through in a PVC pipe.


Even fruit trees on dwarfing roostocks have puny roots. It’s nothing like the crushing power of large maples, oaks, ash, ect.