Butternut seeds?

Hey…I have my scion exchange set up already, but a neighbor of mine is seeking butternut trees so I am posting separately to add “butternut seeds and/or seedlings” to my trade list.

Anyone got butternuts?

I can get you Waltham butternut seeds.

awesome, let me know what you need in return. send me a pm.

Thank you!

Isn’t that a squash? Waltham Butternut, that is.

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("Waltham butternut seeds. ") …
So that is a squash , ?

(“but a neighbor of mine is seeking butternut trees so”)
These are trees right ?

Oops… I’m talking about butternut squash. :blush:
Sorry markalbob I got nothing then.

When I was growing up there were 2 beautiful butternut trees by a family cabin in northwestern Connecticut. I believe they were planted by my grandfather about 60 years ago because he was in the lumber industry and highly valued the wood. Both trees died quite a while ago from Butternut Canker which has spread through most if not all of the native range of the trees. I believe the fungus causing it is supposed to have come from some international source, but it is now taking out most off the native stock.

I’m not sure where you’re located, but even if you are outside the area where it is currently found, I expect having seedlings shipped in might risk having them come already having the disease either visibly or latent. It would probably be worth trying to find a source that might have developed a resistant strain (if that is possible) or possibly try one of the interesting hybrids like the Buartnut from Grimonut in Canada. If I had some land, I would plant some of those, but if he is growing for lumber that might not be an option.

Have two bearing-age butternuts here, from seednuts out of north GA, but no nuts produced this year.
Have a few nuts from seedling Japanese walnuts, that look very much like butternut…but they’re not…
Keep me in mind next fall…may have some, and would be glad to share them.

To my knowledge, There are no pure butternuts with resistance to blight/canker, but hybrids with Japanese walnut & its buds port, the heartnut, show varying degrees of resistance. Several ‘butternut’ varieties that have been propagated for many decades have been shown, by DNA analysis, to be hybrids.

I would also take heart/buartnuts

Les Wilmoth had several large buartnut (hybrid heartnut/butternut) trees at his place in KY. They are probably still producing. You might contact http://nolinnursery.com/ and ask John if he can get you some seed nuts.

There are wild resistant trees in New Brunswick, Canada. Grimo sells a grafted resistant butternut, non hybrid. I don’t know the inheritance pattern, but it might be worth while to get a grafted tree and some sedlings and see if you can spread that genetics.

I have a few extra of these.

They have the husks removed now.
And I have some of the common pears that have been hardy here in northern Idaho

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Sheffield’s Seed Company shows Butternut / Juglans cinereal seed in stock from 2018 harvest.

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