Cactus botany: do they typically have two types of flowers on the same plant?

Is it typical for a cactus to have small plain flowers in the fall, and big showy flowers in the spring?

My friends originally found the cactus pictured below in a ditch in San Diego. They have grown it in a pot in North Carolina for decades (but they bring it indoors in the winter). Last summer, they gave me a 4 inch tall offset from their 2 foot tall mother plant. They told me it has magnificent flowers, but it wasn’t flowering at the time.

Last fall it bloomed - a homely dime-sized yellow flower on the top. I thought it was a stretch to call this modest little flower “magnificent," but maybe it would be impressive if the whole cactus were covered in them.

This spring it produced three more flower buds, this time on the sides of the cactus. One bud finally bloomed last week, and this time it was magnificent.

My friends had never seen the small yellow flowers on their plant before, only the large and impressive light pink flowers.

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Are you sure the yellow one is actually from the cactus? Looks like a wild strawberry/cinquefoil flower.

I know, right? The little yellow flower definitely seemed to come from a bud that grew out of the cactus. It only lasted a day and then withered away. It’s the same cactus in all four pictures.

I suspect a flower got launched by a mower or something. Looks like a dried bit of grass behind it.

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Maybe someone was messing with me - now that I look at it more carefully the picture shows what looks like it could be a detached stem.

cacti are also grafted onto more vigorous types to grow out for market. maybe you got a sucker if it produces different flowers

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