Cal Red peach a winner in inland So Cal

So far Cal Red peach fruits for me every year in inland San Diego, even though it is very late. What was most surprising to me is that it fruits on a tree that is still way too small to expect fruit. This is the 3rd year in a row I got fruit.

It is 1-2 weeks later than August Pride and Red Baron. It is sweet and not really acidic, but actually is still very good, equal to those two.

Today I saw that Cal Red is being sold at Walter Andersen nursery, who now carries fruit trees from Burchell’s (Tomorrow’s Harvest). This is worth trying if you want a great peach late in the season.

Does anyone else grow it?


Are you thinning when fruit sets are almond size or smaller?

Is the tree receiving an adequate supply of potash along with other nutrients?

Yeah, I thinned Cal Red down to only 2 fruits this year, to protect its vigor. That’s a good suggestion to help it out nutritionally. It has a ton of root competition where it is also. I am sure that doesn’t help.

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For our climates here in San Diego county, I recommend something with NPK ratios 3:1:2 May through Sept. for your pit fruits - July and early Sept. being the most important. For example granular 6-2-4 or water soluble 30-10-20. Next time you’re over at Walter Anderson’s in Poway please say hello to my pal David Ross for me. :slightly_smiling_face:

The Cal Red was bred by the University of California botanist Claron O. Hesse in the mid-1960s.

You can buy 3 lbs of them (4-6 peaches) for $55…

Thats around $10 per peach.