Calculation for Assail 30SG?

I have a friend who has about 24 apple trees and he wants to spray with Assail. He has a 16 gallon spot sprayer. He looked into Assail 30SG and asks me about the correct amount to use per gallon of water?

I do not think it is possible to figure out a rate per gallon and still be able to weigh it out accurately since this product is so concentrated. I was thinking more about a rate per 8 gallons being more possible to measure out? Can anyone who is used to calculating spray rates help me out on what a rate for 8 gallons would be?

I spray the highest rate on Apples at 8oz/acre so around 8 oz in 100 gal of water or about 1.25 oz in a 16 Gal sprayer should be close if his spray rate is equivalent to 100 gal.acre. May be useful to fill the sprayer with water and see how far 16 gallons actually goes on his trees.

I thing you are smart to weigh the farm grade chemicals like Assail rather than trying to use teaspoons