Calibrachoa Surprise

Venture into any Home Depot or Lowes garden centers and you will undoubtedly see Calibrachoa or Million Bells in bloom. Looking like miniature petunias, these low growing and trailing plants are self cleaning and bloom hard from spring to frost.

This year they are really popular with many sold in 4 inch Proven Winner pots, quart Monrovia pots and of course hanging baskets.

My surprise was that I put two next to my trash cans after they quit blooming in the fall. I was expecting to toss them in the trash once the leaves fell off. These plants are listed as zone 9-11. Well look at pic taken March 3 in zone 7 Virginia. I repotted those into larger baskets soon after and the next pic is one taken May 1. Could not be prettier if just bought fresh from a nursery.


Here is some new ones in front and last years in the back. I have 3 poles of these around my yard. All will get overwintered in my unheated greenhouse next winter.

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Iā€™m in 7A and they come back for me as well in containers on my deck. Not to the same level as when I purchased them but still.

My fave container flower as a lazy gardener.

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