Call for Info and Links on Scion Trading Options

I may have opportunity soon to let a large number of people know about options out there for trading scion wood. I’d like to know what the options currently are, in case there are new ones I don’t know about. many scion exchanges are not happening this year due to covid. I’m also just interested in encouraging online trading so that everyone has more access to more genetics. Most of my viewership is in the U.S., but I frequently get requests from Europe and would like to have places to send people in other countries. I generally discourage regular overseas trading because of disease issues. Ideally we would trade anything that is already available in our country/continent, within those borders and not ship stuff back and forth willy nilly. Thanks for any input!


I’m having trouble following I guess. I’ve done 100% of my trading thru online exchanges with the very rare exceptions of buying scionwood. I made that exception when I was looking to get my persimmon varieties, so, I bought from thee source, Jerry Lehman.

I guess I do not understand when you say, “…requests from Europe and would like to have places to send (to) people in other countries.” Why not send to their address if you have to be rogue about it and you’re going to do it anyways? I may be completing misinterpreting what you’re asking.


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The other thing Steven is Canada to Europe has no restrictions on sending scions. I know Grimo Nut Nursery sells trees to Europe, however, I don’t that arrangement between continents. Scionwood is no problem.

You know I wouldn’t recommend it for plums cause of PPA virus in Europe. I don’t know about apple diseases. I’m just putting it all out there for everyone to get a good picture of what the problems can be and what shouldn’t be considered problematic. And there are always the people who state, there may not be a problem with something now, but who’s to say later there won’t be?’ I’ve heard that a bunch of times, too.

So… I don’t really understand where this is going yet…

Sorry about that.


Dax I think he is talking about having places for his European YouTube subscribers /European members here to have contacts as a parallel route to the USA based subscribers /forum members, instead of lumping us all into one group (which I agree is inadvisable).

Steven, I would be interested in learning about sources for trading scion wood outside of the huge and greatly disorganized Facebook groups that often get off topic. I know there are a couple of pawpaw scions in particular I’d be very interested in getting in the next few years but have had trouble tracking down. I’m sure if we had an organized dedicated list of who/where/when/how much $/how many available etc it might be more effective than our current trade thread.

Are you thinking about putting together a good doc that could be edited by members with a master list of what is available that could be edited, or an actual website or something else?


Sorry, I should have been more clear. I just want places online or wherever, to send people that want to trade scions. Both here in the U.S. and in other countries. Trading groups, sites like this one or any new trading websites that may have come up in the last few years.

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I just want to offer a list of what is available now. I don’t want to be involved with development or anything like that. I haven’t used the facebook groups really and haven’t traded publicly at all for a while. I think it might be nice to have a site that lets anyone sell or auction any scion wood, but also trade. many people with good stuff get inundated with people wanting to trade common stuff and so they don’t want to list. I’m not sure how to overcome that problem. I have heard from two people that were working on digital platforms, but have lost contact info and details on both of them.


That’s what I concluded too and then I thought if there was an agricultural requirement to become a member, then maybe that could resolve it. People selling/auctioning wood would have to be in the nursery business or one of the following:
orchard owners
varieties have shown true to type

This isn’t any easy solution to the kind of interface or experience to come together. It’s very-difficult cause who says one person should be allowed to sell and not another.

I’ve liked the looks and idea behind this site: but it needs more users!

This is their description of the site: “We’re like a dating app but for fruit growers. We match you with other like-minded growers and then step out of the way”.

Basically you make a profile, list your haves and wants and the system matches you with someone who has a matching have/want list.

This may be an example of one way to eliminate the problem you mentioned of big collectors getting bombarded with common requests. If for instance you are only into super rare redfleshed apple trading you would only list that on your have/want and only get matched with like minded collectors. At least that is the idea…I have not actually traded on this particular site yet myself.


That site appears to be exactly what @SkillCult is talking about. A brief search, however, shows me that the catalog for pawpaws is sorely lacking compared to the recent additions available to the market. I might have to get to work on adding them.

Does anyone want to show them what a jujube is? @jujubemulberry

you betcha :slight_smile: Yeah, just looked at it and there is no icon for jujube–and no mulberry either!
speaking of juju/mulberry scion trade, we plan to do random yearly giveaways beginning next year. Apologies to those who’ve missed out on this year’s… We’ve been doing giveaways as actual requests from pm’s, but have been having issues compiling them accurately as the requests come in staggered fashion, worse is that they are enumerated over a course of different pm’s which result in stuff being missed… So what intend to do is to post the “giveaway” video on our micro Youtube channel and mid- January each year, will post an announcement of available scion wood on the comments section of the video, and the first 20 requests on the comments section will be serviced, postage included. This way, we’d be able to share with a wider audience, and anyone(who isn’t yet a member of GF)who successfully posts a request, we’d ask to join GF first so they can pm us, which would help boost the GF community.

our aim is to broadcast jujus(and pakistan mulbs) to as many folks in usa, and in the process help make GF the Facebook of orchardists, if not yet already :wink:


Here in trading post, most successful and most logical. People who have an interest in growing and actual fruit.
North American Scion Exchange on FB - if you are into how FB functions. Also group has Lots Of Chat not specific to scion. Variable.
Seedsavers Exchange - not much scion, not always up to date. Really variable as to who you are dealing with, and how they handle requests. Some listings are sales people, can find elsewhere or find better elsewhere.
Somewhere I found reference to starting up, made an account but have not used it yet.
Purchased some scion from reputable nurseries, also where I found rootstock. Most info found here, general internet searching for reputability. or for info too, not sales but has decent growing info that might not be on the other site. or if there is something specific/less common wanted for purchase.

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I’ve been trying to earn my wings so to speak to unlock the trading post on this forum. Now I have a conundrum, how will I know if I have good stuff or common stuff?

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I’m not sure what a solution could be. There are too many enthusiastic amateurs out there with growing collections and the more good stuff people get, the more they can trade out and bring in more people. All of which is good from a growing of the fruit community and diversity and all that. I think it would be cool to be able to sell scions. I sell almost all of mine now, but I have an audience and platform for that. If isolated collectors could sell scion easily with a big audience, they might come out of the woodwork. For me it just got to the point where my wants list was so obscure and you see mostly the same stuff over and over. I hope that is changing and small collections are getting more diverse.


Yes, perfect. I emailed with the creator of that before, but had lost or forgotten all the info. I’ll see if I can send people there. There is plenty of room for something like that to grow and adapt to the needs of users.


Thanks. I have mentioned this site several times in videos and elsewhere.

Well, that’s kind of subjective. I guess you just have to go for it. For me I just remember it getting to the point where I rarely wanted anything anyone had so I stopped trading because it was kind of a one way deal. Now I sell my scion wood mostly, but I want to encourage people to trade more and go find more diversity for their orchards free or cheap and ;provide it for others as their collections grow.

You can tell your european viewers about
While it’s primarily french, there are people from all over europe looking to trade scions. I already did several exchanges this season


Yes, thank you! Exactly what I’m looking for.


Hi disc,
I’m the creator/administrator of the website mentioned. I definitely need to take the pawpaw game up a notch. Fortunately someone has offered some information on pawpaws.

As for mulberries/jujubies, I was considering adding a miscelaneous or exotic category to hold more uncommon things. I’ve been approached about things like kumquats, medlars, quince, currants, etc. Dates and Jujubees could go into that category as well.

In the “Support and Feature Requests” section, there’s a spot to request the addition of cultivars not on the list, request additional features, report bugs, etc.

At some point I need to add a tutorial in a prominent spot because I get questions about basic functionality from time to time.


Thanks for returning my message and welcome to Growing Fruit Joshua! I am excited about using your site and definitely see the potential of and the growth it could have with more users. I will definitely send you a list to update what you have available on your site for pawpaws. Maybe some of our other enthusiastic members would be interested in helping to update sections for other fruits by sending you some information? is a great reference put together by one of our members to dispel common misconceptions and clarify information about certain cultivars available (and has worked to confirm that a few are actually all the same thing). I encourage you to spend some time looking around at growing fruit. I just joined recently and have learned more than I did in this short time than I absorbed from many college classes.


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