Callus formation on apples? Pics

Hello all,

Just having a look at some of the apple grafts. I think i grafted about 7 weeks ago. Kept them in a shed for a few weeks because it was still really quite cold where i am in Scotland. Anyway, they are potted up and outside now. Seem to be growing well.

I peeled back some of the tape to have a peek at some of the grafts. This one appears to be callused but im just wondering if it definitely is? The reason im doubting myself if because the right hand side of the graft seems to have a good amount of what looks like callus, yet that side didn’t have much in the way of cambium to cambium contact (that contact was achieved on the other side)…

Any help would be great


Edit: not sure if the round things at the bottom are roots coming on or eggs of some sort!



I think callus, yes, roots, probably, er, maybe? But not eggs.

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Yeah, that is typical callous from using black electrical or splicing tape. I’d definitely keep it wrapped as it is pretty spongy stuff at this point.


Thanks chaps. I did some other grafts using the clear parafilm tape and they seem a lot “cleaner”. Would this be because of the clear parafilm, instead of the black eletrical tape, or is it maybe just by chance they are better grafts on they trees?

Thanks again


I think those are called adventitious roots.

Definitely keep it wrapped tightly. I removed the tape on one of my grafts too early once and the callused tissue bulked up and the graft union wasn’t nearly as nice as before.

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Thank you. Ill keep them covered for a while yet.