Cambium color on Bud 9 rootstock!

I got these last week and was ready to bench graft to them today. The cambium layer looks brown or reddish in color on all of them. There is no green even when I made lower cuts. Is this normal on Bud 9? Thanks in advance.

Yes, it is perfectly normal. Viva la difference.

Very handy as well if you are using different types of rootstock…


I don’t see reddish or brown except on the outer side of the bark. What are you calling the cambium? It’s a very thin layer between the wood and bark. There’s a thin line there but too thin to have a color.

The inner 90% in that picture is the wood. The outer 10% is the bark. On a dormant tree the cambium is a minutely thin layer in between, that thin line.

This is the first type of rootstock that I use where I do not see green under the bark. I have worked with other types of rootstocks and it was always easy to see a green line on them. When I did not see a green line on Bud 9, I thought that the rootstock might be dead. So, the conclusion is that the rootstock is fine and it is alright to bench graft it. Correct? I prefer bench grafting on planting the rootstock and grafting later.

The rootstock looks perfectly healthy. What concerns me is that people don’t seem to know where or what is the cambium. Seems to me that’s pretty essential to grafting success but apparently not.

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Fruitnut…I know what the cambium is and I also know what Andrew is saying. Normally you can see some green there. I did not know however that Bud 9 looked like that.

Bud 9 and bud 118 both have red wood and leaves. Makes it easy to find suckers!

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