Can 20-20-20 be used on citrus?

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Short answer: yes, but it’s a poor practice in the long run for many reasons.

@Richard. Since you live in an area where citrus actually grow outside, would you share your thoughts on the best fertilizers for them. While it may not be entirely applicable to my container grown citrus, seems like it would be a good starting point. TIA

@Steve333 -

  • Citrus are serious consumers of Nitrogen, have low Phosphate requirements, and depend heavily on Potash for crop quantity and quality. Of course a low quality cultivars will not be overly enhanced in quality by potash supplements but wow, what an improvement on the high end.
  • I’m going to assume your potted media is not pre-loaded with nutrients. I would feed them regular water-soluble dosages in NPK ratios of 3:1:2 (e.g. 24-8-16) until they are of fruit-bearing size and maturity, then back off to thrice yearly supplements in NPK ratios of 2:1:3 (e.g., 16-8-24).
  • As for dosages – that depends a lot on many factors.
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Ok thanks.
If you have a chance please look at my video where I outlined some other questions.

Please put it in writing. I’m too lazy to take dictation. :wink: