Can a double-flowered tree have single flowers?


This flower popped out on my brand new Double Delight nectarine, and it doesn’t look like the pictures of the double flowers I’ve seen. Is it possible for a double-flowered variety to have single flowers, or am I in trouble?



This is a photo of the Double Delight flower from Peaceful Valley:

Mine is definitely a single flower, but maybe it’s normal for the tree to have both? I suppose I will see what the other buds turn in to…

Thats not a double delight flower. I think you got a mislabeled tree. We have a double delight and the flower is very distinctive.

Looked at mine and the pink in your photograph doesn’t do my Double Delights justice. My Desert Delight and Desert Dawn was a lot like that flower you have, but they have already blossomed and set fruit.

FYI, amadioranch, Desert Delight set pretty heavy, Desert Dawn not. (set same time) No thrip activity apparent in either fruit except for a single Desert D.

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I am relieved to say that it looks like my tree is in fact a double delight, and somewhat surprised to conclude that it does have both single (pale pink) flowers and double (bright pink) flowers on the same tree.

Whew! I wasn’t looking forward to going back to the nursery and saying “Um, my flowers don’t look right…”



Im discounting the thrip suggestion now. Ive gotten light set on all my nectarines this year and not a single evidence of thrip activity. I believe its either a maturity factor or possibly a humidity issue as Fruitnut speculated.