Can any one identify these two apples?

Both these apples are growing in northern Michigan at an old homestead.

The first one is a russet. It is crisp , sweet , mild , and dry textured. There are two trees of these that are very old and in serious decline so apples are on the small side.

This one is crisp , with a balanced sweet/tart flavor favoring the sweet side. Some of the apples do not have the red blush. Also very old trees.

I want to bring this back to the top for every one to have another look and input.
I did some research and came up with Yellow Bellflower for the first one ( trees are in serious decline so the apples are real small) . On the second it seemed to match pretty well with Winter Banana . Both of these varieties would match up with something that would have been grown in the area. There is the possibility of getting limited scion wood from these trees to trade ( very limited from what might be the yellow bellflower as not much there and one tree was blown down this fall) But I don’t want to miss represent them as something they are not.