Can anyone else relate?



Could also be:

The number of trees I want to grow

The time and free space I have to grow them


Not that much. Well, except for land, I suppose.

Thanks to you guys my spending on nonsense is relatively little.

I’m not organic, so I get one and a half cubic yards of wood chips every year and turn it into compost with a few pounds of urea fertilizer. Soil tests show some micro-nutrients are lacking, so I address that with small amounts of real chemical name fertilizers added to the pile in proportion based on the tests. I don’t get the tests every year.

I grow my bedding plants from seed instead of buying. My infant mortality rate is still sky-high, but then, I don’t need many survivors.

Ordering trees by mail is a significant expense, but I am trying to learn how to graft—-the next frontier.

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I started selling some plant material. Once you get going, you have a lot of extra’s. It has helped a lot.

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